All HAANDS on Deck

All HAANDS on Deck Branding, Website Design The Historic African American Neighborhood and District Summit (HAANDS) was ready to launch its brand as a national network of nonprofit and city agencies focused on preserving African American neighborhoods and commercial places. It needed a defined visual brand identity and a website landing page ahead of the […]

Rethinking Think Acquisition

Rethinking Think Acquisition Brand Development, Website Design Think Acquisition was evolving from an owner-centered government contracting partner to a firm that 1) provides consulting and training to federal agencies and 2) business development services to private sector companies. Their visuals were already a bit dated, but the update to their business model created an urgent […]

Urban Impact’s New Website Design

Urban Impact’s New Website Design Website Design Urban Impact has served Birmingham’s Historic 4th Avenue Business District for over 40 years. With a fresh look and exciting program updates, UI knew it was time for a new website. By this point, we had done several projects for Urban Impact, so we were excited to bring […]

3 things you should do before hiring a web designer

Regardless of whether you go to a large firm or hire a freelancer, there will be some level of collaboration when getting your website created. If you are considering hiring someone to design your website, there are a few things you can do ahead of time to make the process much easier for both of you!

Why Nonprofits Need to Invest in Digital Marketing

We typically think about for-profit companies when we talk about digital marketing. But those methods of reaching a specific audience aren’t exclusive to the for-profit world. They’re just as crucial for nonprofits.  

3 Easy Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your First Website

In the digital age it would only make sense to have a website, but what is the difference between having a website, a good website, even an exceptional website? Today we’re going to talk about the constants across web design, how they benefit your business, and how you can do them with little to no prior knowledge of web development.