Our goal is to accomplish a few things: 1) help you get to the bottom of your story so we can 2) visualize and 3) amplify it.

We go deep in our process.

We want to understand your organization through and through. Even if we’re doing something as seemingly cut-and-dry as an annual report design, we want to get to the bottom of “why.” The better we understand, the more informed our design will be, and the more impactful our strategy will be.

We value a few things above all.

(some of which may admittedly seem to be against our best interest as a for-profit company, but we’re okay with that.)


We’re our own heroes over here. We create for ourselves, we build for ourselves, and we speak for ourselves.


We love a challenge. No matter the objective, we’re savvy enough to figure it out.

Access to Information.

We’re not worried about job security, and we aren’t in the business of keeping secrets. We believe in equipping others with the tools they need to flourish and be self-sufficient.

Meet the Team

Kayla, Founder/CEO

The creative behind your favorite Black-owned, Woman-owned Marketing Agency

Rachel, Chief of Creative Strategy

The visionary keeping our visuals (and yours) flawlessly aligned and breathtakingly brilliant.

Grace, Video Editor

Our composer of chaos, chopping our long-winded rants into into bite-sized brilliance.

Kayla, CEO/Founder

Kayla Dawn Gladney is a visual storyteller. She majored in Film Production at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Between her major and digital marketing jobs, she built the technical skills that make her work possible today. 

But it was her minor in African American studies and her deep love for her community that perfectly positioned Kayla to tell the stories of black-owned businesses and organizations through her company DawnG Media. 

DawnG Media is a digital marketing agency specializing in digital strategy, social media management, website design, and content creation for purpose-driven companies. 

She is most proud of the work she’s been able to do with historically black organizations and entities in the deep south, including 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham (most known for the bombing that killed 4 little girls), the Historic District Development Corporation in Atlanta (founded by Coretta Scott King to preserve King’s home), and many others. 

As a filmmaker, she has had work screened at film festivals like Sidewalk Film Festival in Birmingham, BronzeLens Film Festival in Atlanta, and more. She was also a finalist in the Tribeca Film institute If/Then Pitch competition at the New Orleans Film Festival in 2019.

Her favorite things include her dog, Mac Thee Daddy, eating breakfast food at any time of the day, and leopard print anything. She spends most of her free time cackling loudly at the things she sees on Al Gore’s internet. 

Rachel, Graphic Designer

Rachel Reitz is a communicator who specializes in graphic design. She majored in Communication Studies at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. Her research-based education provided a strong foundation for applying the practical design and marketing skills she developed in various jobs during college.
She discovered her sweet spot in her first non-profit job  – where she realized she wanted to communicate ideas that mattered from organizations that were making a difference. Since then, she’s worked with non-profit organizations (primarily in healthcare, education, and religious spaces) and small start-ups, helping them communicate to and connect with their audiences so they can maximize their impact.
Her favorite things include anything made out of potatoes, swing dancing and board gaming with her husband, and smothering her two cats with cuddles until they hate her.

Grace, Video Editor

Grace Brigham is a self-taught video and audio editor living in Salt Lake City. She picked up editing as a COVID project after her college shut down in 2020 during her senior year. Grace is a multifaceted musician, and after her senior composition recital was canceled due to the pandemic, she decided to teach herself how to make a virtual choir video of friends singing her music. 
From there, numerous musical ensembles in and outside of the U.S. hired her to make virtual choir videos for them (her largest project included 300 singers!). 
However, as musicians started rehearsing in person again, Grace decided to translate her skills into other forms of video editing. She learned how to make TikToks, long-form YouTube videos, podcasts, and more. She has gained invaluable experience creating a wide variety of content for DawnG Media.
In addition to editing, Grace sings professionally and frequently receives composition commissions around the country. She and her partner of 6 years enjoy exploring the outdoors and checking out craft breweries with their two dogs.