A Marketing Podcast.

Join host Kayla and her spirited new social media hire, Angelina, on a rollercoaster ride of marketing wisdom and chaotic banter. 

Kayla, the millennial CEO of marketing agency DawnG Media, teaches Angelina the ropes of becoming a marketing strategist and imparts her approach to developing strategies and working with clients.

Not only here to learn, Angelina also brings her Gen Z digital expertise to the conversation, sharing practical advice and insights from the perspective of the largest consumers of content. Her inquisitive nature makes her the perfect co-host. 

Together, the two drop thread-worthy gems for everybody–from the marketing expert needing inspiration to the company leader looking to grow. 

Be prepared for laughs from the duo’s contrasting dynamic–think Spongebob and Squidward. It’s all the generational workplace references in real life, real-time.